Various - The Slumpulation

Various – The Slumpulation

January 1, 1997

Download music album The Slumpulation by Various, released in 1997. ℗ Bumpin Records

Various - The Slumpulation

1 C-Dubb Millionaire In The Makin 04:16
2 Big Time G Time Is Right 03:41
3 Bumpin’ T Till Phunk Went Down 04:35
4 C-Dubb Do It Right 05:03
5 Ransom, D-Mo Serious 03:57
6 Greedy Birdshit 04:57
7 Big Time G, J.D. The Great Escapa Dirty Shit 04:42
8 Ransom What Ya Gonna Do? 04:20
9 Tre’ Propps, B-Ren Five Nine 03:54
10 Bumpin’ T Taste Of T 03:44
11 Ransom, D-Mo Overnight G’s 05:22
12 Versed Goin’ Ape 04:12

Album info

Released in 1997 by Bumpin Records, “The Slumpulation” stands as a seminal compilation in the Gangsta and G-Funk sub-genres of Hip Hop. At a time when the West Coast scene was bustling with innovation and raw talent, this album came as a cohesive yet varied exploration of both styles. Packaged in a retro yet resonant cassette format, it showcases an ensemble cast of rappers and producers who would go on to carve their individual niches in Hip Hop history.

The album kicks off with C-Dubb’s “Millionaire In The Makin,” a track that combines rich lyricism with classic G-Funk instrumentation. With a runtime of 04:16, it offers a substantial introduction to the project, setting the tone for the tracks that follow.

Big Time G’s “Time Is Right” is another standout, blending lyrical prowess with a beat that encapsulates the best elements of G-Funk. The song’s groove and message make it an early highlight, coming in at 03:41. Following this, “Till Phunk Went Down” by Bumpin’ T delivers a laid-back yet energetic performance that defines the middle of the album with its 04:35 runtime.

Ransom and D-Mo collaborate on “Serious,” a track that, true to its name, offers a grim look into street life, packaged in an engaging 03:57 minute experience. Adding a quirky touch to the compilation is Greedy’s “Birdshit,” a 04:57 minute escapade into metaphorical lyricism and rhythmic flow.

As the album progresses, tracks like “Dirty Shit” by Big Time G and J.D. The Great Escapa, and “What Ya Gonna Do?” by Ransom contribute to the compilation’s grittier Gangsta elements. Tre’ Propps and B-Ren’s “Five Nine” adds diversity with its fast-paced rhyming, and “Overnight G’s” by Ransom and D-Mo captures the essence of the ‘rise-to-power’ narrative prevalent in Gangsta Rap.

The album wraps up with Versed’s “Goin’ Ape,” a high-energy track that leaves listeners on a resounding note. Overall, “The Slumpulation” is an essential snapshot of late ’90s Hip Hop, serving as both a time capsule and an enduring testament to the genre’s rich and varied landscape.