Tear Drop Da Manslaughter - Death Threat

Tear Drop Da Manslaughter – Death Threat

January 1, 1993

Download music album Death Threat by Tear Drop Da Manslaughter, released in 1993. ℗ B-Dogg Records

Tear Drop Da Manslaughter - Death Threat

1 Tear Drop Da Manslaughter Wanna Be Free 04:26
2 Tear Drop Da Manslaughter Manslaughter 03:49
3 Tear Drop Da Manslaughter Hear Me Doe 04:45
4 Tear Drop Da Manslaughter Comin Ta Get Cha 03:44
5 Tear Drop Da Manslaughter Menace To 04:51
6 Tear Drop Da Manslaughter Death Threat 03:46
7 Tear Drop Da Manslaughter Jockaz 03:50
8 Tear Drop Da Manslaughter Manslaughter (Radio) 03:14
9 Tear Drop Da Manslaughter Ditty Drop 02:23
10 Tear Drop Da Manslaughter Shout’z Out’z 05:22

Album info

Released in 1993 under B-Dogg Records, “Death Threat” by Tear Drop Da Manslaughter is a seminal work in the gangsta rap genre. With its gritty beats, potent lyrics, and in-your-face attitude, this cassette album is a mirror to the raw realities of the American streets from which it originates. Hailing from a tumultuous era that shaped the genre, “Death Threat” is a time capsule, capturing the essence of early ’90s hip-hop culture.

The album kicks off with “Wanna Be Free,” a socio-political commentary cloaked in rhythmic verses. Tear Drop Da Manslaughter articulates the pent-up frustration and aspirations of a community yearning for liberation, setting the tone for the entire album. Following suit, “Manslaughter” plunges into a grim narrative, underscored by heavy beats and stark storytelling that are characteristic of the gangsta rap genre.

Tracks like “Hear Me Doe” and “Comin Ta Get Cha” maintain the momentum, offering a cocktail of braggadocio and explicit narratives. They serve as perfect precursors to the ominous title track, “Death Threat,” which is arguably the cornerstone of the album. This song melds dark undertones with aggressive lyricism, encapsulating the harshness of the environments that the album seeks to depict.

The album also includes a radio-friendly version of “Manslaughter,” extending its reach beyond the hardcore fans. “Ditty Drop” and “Shout’z Out’z” serve as unique closers, the former being a more relaxed, melodic piece, and the latter essentially a roll-call to acknowledge everyone involved in the project.

Tear Drop Da Manslaughter’s “Death Threat” is a relic from a bygone era but remains relevant due to its unfiltered portrayal of life on the streets. It bears the marks of a genre in its formative years, exhibiting the unrefined energy that would eventually be polished but never replicated in the years that followed. Whether you’re revisiting or discovering, “Death Threat” provides a gritty, authentic experience, making it a must-listen for any aficionado of gangsta rap.