S.M.G. - Mentally Disturbed

S.M.G. – Mentally Disturbed

January 1, 1995

Download music album Mentally Disturbed by S.M.G., released in 1995. ℗ Manor Records

S.M.G. - Mentally Disturbed

1 S.M.G. You Can’t Fuck With These 05:19
2 S.M.G. Nigga’s Better Back Up 05:55
3 S.M.G. Mentally Disturbed 04:26
4 S.M.G. Another Day On The Block 03:24
5 S.M.G. Mob Nigga’s 05:26
6 S.M.G. I’m A “G” 04:23

Album info

In 1995, S.M.G. (Strawberry Manor Gangstas) launched their cassette album “Mentally Disturbed,” under Manor Records, at a time when G-Funk was flourishing in the American hip-hop scene. The album is an authentic offering that blends the soulful influences of funk with the gritty narratives characteristic of gangsta rap. It effortlessly captures the zeitgeist of mid-’90s West Coast hip-hop.

Opening with “You Can’t Fuck With These,” the album delivers an immediate statement. It’s a track that captures the swaggering self-confidence of S.M.G. and sets the tone for the tracks to follow. “Nigga’s Better Back Up” continues in a similar vein, exuding a defiant energy and underlining S.M.G.’s prominence in the hip-hop community.

The title track “Mentally Disturbed” serves as the emotional core of the project, delving deep into the complexities and tribulations of life in the streets. It stands as a thought-provoking moment on the album, revealing the psychological costs of the lifestyle that the earlier tracks seem to glamorize.

The B-side opens with “Another Day On The Block,” providing a day-to-day snapshot of life in the neighborhoods that S.M.G. calls home. “Mob Nigga’s” delves into the themes of loyalty and betrayal within the context of street politics, while the final track, “I’m A ‘G’,” brings the tape full circle, encapsulating the essence of what it means to be a gangster—both the pride and the pitfalls—in a single, compelling narrative.

Produced by Bumpin T, the production on “Mentally Disturbed” is sleek yet rugged, maintaining a balance between G-Funk’s signature smoothness and the raw edginess that gangsta rap demands. The end result is a project that’s as musically engaging as it is lyrically profound.

All told, “Mentally Disturbed” is a vintage gem that brings listeners back to a time when G-Funk reigned supreme, serving both as a nostalgic trip for those who were there and an educational experience for new fans eager to explore the roots of modern hip-hop.

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